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AREP has created a workplace that offers exciting contrasts from the moment you enter — Pop Art blended with history, generating a unique language that is fresh and provocative. Highlighting Philadelphia’s historic and current luminaries, bespoke Pop Art is infused throughout 1600 Market Street.

The specially commissioned bright yellow ‘Willy’ the fox holding a red balloon sits above the reception desk in the lobby to greet visitors and is a nod to the building’s site where the old Fox Theatre once stood. The ‘Portrait Invaders’ and ‘Philadelphia Notables’ pieces featured on the ground floor and continued within the amenity center, artfully blend old and new Philly—Benjamin Franklin unknowingly in a graffiti-like selfie; Will Smith painted with intense colors sits atop a collage of old Philadelphia Enquirer newspaper covers.

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Better days begin in better spaces which is why our dedication to wellness remains our top priority. Our holistic approach encompasses health, security and connectivity to assure the safety and comfort for our customers.

AREP’s hard work and recent investments have helped us achieve two of the most significant endorsements within our business – IWBI WELL and UL Industries. Not only is our entire portfolio WELL Health-Safety Rated, AREP is also the first commercial real estate company in the U.S. to achieve UL Industries Verified Healthy Buildings Mark for Indoor Air and Water for its entire portfolio. Our WiredScore certification includes WiredScore Connect. This amenity provides advisory support to guide tenants in choosing the best internet service for their business needs. This commitment provides our customers and their guests spaces that promote their physical and mental well-being while encouraging and enhancing productivity.

Highest standards of indoor air quality

Highest standards
of indoor air

Highest standards of indoor air quality

Our IAQ protocols include using MERV 13 filters, UV light and negative ion technology air purifiers in elevator cabs, and maximizing outside air exchanges by increasing fresh air intake settings from 20% to 40% when weather permits. Our HVAC coil cleaning and sanitizing procedure now includes the use of a 70% alcohol disinfecting solution.
Increased frequency of cleaning & disinfecting of common areas

cleaning & disinfecting
of common areas

Frequenct cleaning & disinfecting of common areas

particularly frequently touched surfaces. Additionally, touch-less hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout all common areas portfolio-wide.
Ongoing cleaning & disinfecting within tenant suite

Ongoing cleaning &
disinfecting within
tenant suite

Ongoing cleaning & disinfecting within tenant suite

including break room countertops and cabinet handles, kitchen appliances control pads and handles, and conference room tables.

Large Block Opportunity

Partial and full floor opportunities with up to 115,000 SF of contiguous space



38Suite 38007,148 - 16,351 SF
37Suite 370022,840 SF
36Suite 360022,840 SF
35Suite 350022,840 SF
28Suite 280010,000-23,021 SF
27Suite 270010,000-23,021 SF
20Suite 20205,945 SF
18Suite 18101,981 SF
18Suite 18005,000-10,561 SF
17Suite 17202,482 SF
17Suite 17101,612 SF
16Suite 16167,332 SF
15Suite 15304,161 SF
15Suite 15105,139 SF
15Suite 15009,471 SFVirtual Tour
14Suite 1420908 SF
13Suite 13002,605-11,726 SF
05Suite 05104,118 SF
05Suite 05053,333 SF
03Suite 030012,111 SF


02Tenants Only Conference/Amenity Center
01 Lobby | Restaurant | Patio
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